~Elections will take place Monday, September 17th through Wednesday,
September 19th. The link to the voting site will be located here and 
made active on the morning of the 17th. In the meantime feel 
free to read all of the candidates platforms so that you may 
choose the individual who best expresses your personal views.
*No Platform available.


  1. Andreanna Echter
  2. J.J. Gonzales
  3. April Hu
  4. Brittany Hylen
  5. Stephanie Molina
  6. Danielle Parkes
  7. Ahmad Rehmani
  8. Liesel Schwarz
  9. Vincent Stilletti*
  10. Carlos Tejeda
  11. Dani Wisch
  12. Dong Wong

Andreanna Echter

My name is ANDREANA ECHTER and I am running for a position on our Class Council. As a member of this organization, my top priority would be to bring our diverse community together by listening to your input and helping to put it into action. Throughout our freshman year, we want to continue to meet new people and become a part of the entire U of R society. If elected, I promise to plan and facilitate activities that will allow us to do this in fun, new ways. Using my experiences as an activities coordinator for my high school class, where I played key roles in organizing our prom, ball, senior breakfast, and several other successful events throughout my four years there, I will ensure that the unifying traditions of the past will continue to grow and that we will also create new, lasting ones so that everyone can get involved. I really believe that it is important for our class to feel connected and to have an identity as we start our college experience together. With your input, we can make sure that this happens!

I ask you to take a just a moment out of your busy schedules between September 17th and 19th to let your voices and opinions be heard. When the polls open, be sure to vote online!

ANDREANA ECHTER for 2011 Class Council. Thank you!

J.J. Gonzales

Working for the benefit of others has always been a passion of mine. This is why I have been involved with student government, volunteer work, and event planning in my hometown of McAllen, Texas. I am excited to get involved here at the University of Rochester using my past experience to help our class maximize its potential. As a member of the 2011 Class Council I will work with others to plan and organize different events on and off campus to promote spirit and unity.

Students of the university should have close ties to the city of Rochester, and as a member of the class council I will create those close connections in order to bring students more concerts and sporting events with easy access to local venues. Cleaning up a park or a stretch of road is just one way to show our appreciation for the community that gives us so much. Just because we’re all smart doesn’t mean we’re boring. I strongly believe that having a fun atmosphere to live in and be part of is key to success in and out of the classroom. I would also like to organize class trips not only in the city but also to Niagara Falls or other attractions. Keeping morale high is something I would like to focus on this year. As a member of the 2011 Class Council I will make Spirit Week, which is sponsored by the freshmen class, a well organized, and enjoyable event for the whole Rochester student body. I love to work for others and am positive I will give my all to making the University of Rochester Class of 2011 a united, spirited, and unforgettable class.

April Hu

Class of 2011, welcome to college! How has the first two weeks of class been? Whether or not you enjoyed the long lines in Danforth, or security presence in the frat quad, this is how your life will be like for the next year. Hi, fellow classmates, my name is APRIL HU and I ask you to vote for me on behalf of an adventurous and fun year, filled with freshmen activities, both social and academic. Picture Wilson Commons as Club Wilson, decked out with music, strobe lights, fog machines, decoration, food and drinks where the whole freshmen (and non-freshmen) class can come together and mix. Or how about a multicultural fair? Every nationality on campus will be represented at Eastman Quad; multicultural food will be served. Speaking of multicultural food… how about we get some into Danforth or Douglass? Ever had Korean BBQ or a nice, juicy carne asada burrito? No? It’s about time you did. =] Around finals time, how about we let out some stress with a feast? Whoever said food doesn’t cure stress?

I see our freshmen class, and I see the changes that to need to make the class of 2011 the best yet in the history of UR. You need a leader to take charge, to make a difference and how actually cares about you – how you’re feeling or your opinions on what you would like to see changed. So don’t be afraid to come up to me and chat. That way, you will know what I’m about, and see exactly who I am.

Remember, vote for WHO!? APRIL HU!

Brittany Hylen

Hello Fellow Class of 2011!

My name is Brittany Hylen, and I am running for class council!  I am a driven, devoted, dedicated, and spunky girl from Nebraska.  Choose me as part of your 2011 council, and I will truly make a difference.

I am a hard working individual that never gives up.  I strive for excellence in all that I do, and I want to do the same for our class at Rochester.  Uniting us as a class is extremely important.  Organizing many programs and events for all of us to get closer and become a tight-knit group of students, is what I plan to do. 

Spirit and community play a vital role here; it’s what separates us from other universities.  Through different social events, services, games, and activities, we can really reach out to everyone at our school and the surrounding community.

 Here are just a few ideas:  a ski trip, Niagara falls trip, a snow ball war, New York City trip, a can food drive, a huge carnival, a dance in which proceeds would go to a local charity, a hat and mitten drive, spirit nights at sports games, and various others. 

As the class of 2011, we want to “make our mark” at this school, and I believe I can help make this happen.  So, why vote Brittany Hylen for 2011 class council?  Because I truly care about this school and our community.  I have the best interest of this class at heart.  To make our class the best it can be is what I will strive for. 

I hope you will vote for me as one of your class council members!  I will truly do all that I can for the class of 2011!  Together we can make a difference and make our mark!

Stephanie Molina

My name is Stephanie Molina and you should vote me into the Class of 2011 Council.  “Why should I vote for you?” might be your question.  To answer this you must know of my past leadership roles.  In high school, I was Junior Class Executive and the following year, I was the elected Senior Class of 2007 Vice President, however, midyear I had to take on the responsibilities of president.  Through these I was able to interact with my class on a daily basis.

 By mid-junior year I loved what I was doing.  I dedicated all my spare time to the council and the school.  For this, I received the Principal’s and Leadership Awards, two of the most prestigious awards in our school.  I have also held other positions; I have been the NHS treasurer, secretary and historian (I held all three my senior year) as well as FBLA vice.  So now, do you think that is enough leadership experience?  Well, that was just the beginning.  I have also been selected to attend many leadership conferences throughout the country.  To give you a sample of what I have done: the Youth Leadership Summit 2006 and 2007, the Latino Youth Leadership Conference 2007, National Hispanic Youth Initiative 2006 and Girl’s State 2006.  These conferences have all helped me become a great leader and a good follower.  I want to know what you think; if you don’t come to me, I’ll be sure to come to you.  Think about it: do you want someone to make decisions based on what you want?, want to have a say even if you are not an ‘official’ part of the council?  Then cast your vote for me!  Vote for me STEPHANIE MOLINA, for 2011 Class Council!

Danielle Parkes

Hey class of 2011!

My name is Danielle Parkes and I am running for a position to the 2011 Class Council.  As freshmen, we are all alike in the sense that we are all at college for the first time and do not know many people or what to expect from college life.  If elected to the 2011 Class Council, I promise to work hard to bring us together as a class. I think events including class-wide movie nights, picnics (while it’s still warm!) or other social gatherings where we can all get to know our classmates a bit better would be a nice change from the long hours we will all be spending studying and doing homework!  Also, as most of us are unfamiliar with the city of Rochester, I think it would be a lot of fun to acclimate ourselves with the Rochester community to see what it has to offer. As the newest addition to the UofR, it is so important to show everyone here that we can be the most spirited class yet!  In addition to the traditions already prevalent on campus, there is so much more we can do to promote school spirit.

With the arrival of the University’s new logo, it is a perfect time to put it to good use. If elected on to the 2011 Class Council, I will help make everybody more aware of sporting events and other campus activities in an effort to increase the spirit of the freshmen class.  Thank you for your support, consideration and vote!

Ahmad Rehmani

There are over 10,000 college’s/universities in America. Within each of these colleges, there are student governments, clubs, and sports. And within these, lay the exceptional people who make up each college. So, you may ask, whose to say that this university, that this class is the best class to ever cross university history?

Me. A one word simple answer shows the truth of it all. Moving to Rochester when I was 10, I wasn’t sure if this was the place for me. But living here for 9 years has showed me why U of R is perfect in everyway. If and when elected to class council, I will make sure that this class makes its mark in history.

For the past 8 years, student council has been as important to me as Christmas to a 6 year old boy. Holding an executive position every year in high school has only given me the experience that I need, but as also taught me so much about school spirit and organizing activities. In addition, my residence in Rochester for the past 9 years coupled with my position in student office has given me many connections to local stores such as staples, restaurants, poster stores and other places which will be necessary for the proper function of our class as a whole. 

When it comes to school spirit, it has been the highlight of my heart and soul.

In high school, I was the leader Mendon Madness, a fan-atic, fan-tastic group in which I wore a cape and face paint to every game where I lost my voice cheering so hard for the school that I loved. With basketball season coming around soon, my plans to be the loudest, most spirited class in history will unravel if and when I am voted in.

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Liesel Schwarz

As class councilwoman I will work to plan and creat events you want to do.  College can be as fun as you want it to be, I just make it happen.  I stand for fun, no voice is to small and all suggestions will be accounted for.

If I am elected I will be in charge of organizing class events,  trips in and around the Rochester area, planed events on campus for our class and of course anything you can think of.  Some things that I would like to do are:

Remember to vote, even if not for me, you don't want to be the one sitting in the corner complaining about the decisions being made because you didn't vote!










Carlos Tejeda

Friends and fellow students of the class of 2011, I Carlos Tejeda want to be part of Class Council because I feel that it is important to voice not only my opinion but your opinions so that we can have a very successful year. As part of the Class Council I would enforce the importance of community building within the campus by planning programs. Programs which generally will be to spread school spirit within our class; Class of 2011.  By creating ways to bring the class together we will be a step closer to the main goal, which is to have a very fun yet successful year. I’m not promising anything specific beforehand but once I get the position I will try my best to cater to your needs, because if the students are not happy then I have not done my job right. But I do promise one thing, I will give 110% because that is the only way someone can make things happen around here. Lastly, I would be honored to represent the class of 2011, but before I do that you must vote for me. Make the right decision.







Dani Wisch

My name is DANI WISCH, and I would love to represent you as a member of the class of 2011 class council. I have wanted to attend this University since I was in eighth grade. With a great deal of hard work and determination, I was able to make my dream come true. In high school, I worked on the newspaper. Last year, as editor, I organized a trip to New York City. I was also instrumental in bringing a local journalist in to speak to the class. In addition, I was president of my school’s Diversity Club. As president, I participated in the planning of many events and fundraisers. A few of them even generated more donations than the charities had ever seen before.  If elected, I am ready to work with fervor for your benefit. If you empower me with your confidence, I will do everything but the impossible to represent your interests and achieve our common goals. I am someone who likes to bring about change. I enjoy planning events.  I am outgoing and sociable. I have the time to attend meetings. I would like to begin by creating a link on the class of 2011 website where ideas could be posted online and then discussed in future meetings. I would also like to plan functions for students to meet classmates from different dorms. In the long run, I’m sure that our aims coincide-we are all here to obtain an education that will teach us how to make the world a slightly better place. In the process, we can have fun and establish friendships that will last a lifetime.







Dong Wong

Hi, Everybody! I am Dong Wang, a freshman here. I live in Susan B. I come from China. I am considering to major in financial economics and possibly minor in statistics and history. I am an involved person. And I will join Debate Union, Mock Trial Organization, and other interesting student groups. Besides, I would like to work for Campus Times. In addition, I play soccer.

Folks, I am running for Class Council of 2011. As an international student, I will definitely add more flavor and spice to the Class Council to better promote the diversity and create class unity and school spirit.

In my high school, I planned a number of school events, which were pretty successful. I planned New Year’s Gala, Sports meeting and other campus activities. So, I do have prior experience.

Should I be elected, I would try my best to serve the whole class of 2011.

Should I be elected, I would program and plan the best school events ever.

Should I be elected, I would let you guys have fun and have a wonderful freshman year!

Please vote for me!