Welcome to the SA Government

We work to improve the lives of Rochester students.

  • Antoinette Esce


    Class Year: 2015
    Major: Economics, Health Policy
    Hometown: Syracuse, NY
    Involvement on Campus: Class Council, GlobeMed, Meridian Society, Alpha Kappa Psi, Teaching Assistant

  • David Stark

    Vice President

    Secondary Position: Elections Task Force

    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Economics, Political Science
    Hometown: Potomac, MD
    Involved in on campus: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, University Calling Center

  • Eudora Erickson

    Speaker of the Senate

    Secondary Position: Elections Task Force Member

    Class Year: 2016
    Majors: Economics and Business
    Minors: Studio Arts and Psychology
    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Involved in on Campus: Renaissance and Global Scholars, Residential Life (RA), Meridian Society, Panhellenic Association, Student Alumni Ambassador (SAA)

  • Lindsay Wrobel

    Deputy Speaker of the Senate

    Class Year: 2017
    Major: Political Science
    Minor: Spanish
    Hometown: Batavia, NY
    Involved in on Campus: College Democrats, Susan B. Anthony Hall Council, Blue Crew, Debate

  • Jared Fialkoff

    SAAC Treasurer

    Class Year: 2015

    Major: Chemical Engineering

    Hometown: Dix Hills NY

    Involved in on campus: MERT, Chemistry TA/Workshop Leader, Research URMC, Residental Advisor (RA), Volunteer URMC


  • Ngosa Mupela

    Deputy Treasurer

    Class Year: 2016

    Major: Financial Economics

    Hometown: Mthatha, South Africa

    Involved in on campus: Residential Advisor(RA), Economics TA


  • Ethan Bidna

    Senator, Policy & Review Chair

    Secondary Position: Elections Task Force Member
    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Urban Studies
    Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA
    Involved in on Campus: Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Blue Crew

  • Melissa Holko

    Policy & Review Deputy Chair

    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Business & Economics
    Hometown: Rochester, NY
    Involved in on campus: Tiernan Project

  • Ulrik Soderstrom

    Projects and Services Fall Chair, Senator At-Large

    Class Year: 2016

    Major: Chemical Engineering, Geology BS

    Hometown: Rochester, NY

    Involved in on campus: EcoRep Coordinator, 2016 Class Council Publicity Chair, Lab TA for EES 101, Campus Connections Videographer, Todd Theatre Videographer, Rush Rhees Library Committee, SAAC, Sigma Phi Epsilon

  • Grant Dever

    Projects & Services Spring Chair

    Class Year: 2016
    Majors: Business and English: Literature
    Hometown: Honeoye Falls, NY
    Involved in Campus: 2016 Class Council, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

  • Namita Sarraf

    Projects & Services Chair

    Class Year: 2015
    Majors: Biomedical Engineering
    Hometown: Pittsford, NY
    Involved in Campus: UR Bhangra, Writing Fellows

  • Vanessa Sanchez

    Senator At-Large, Elections Chair

    Class Year: 2015
    Majors: International Relations, Business
    Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Involved in on Campus: UR BlueCrew, Alpha Phi

  • Paul Jaquish

    Deputy Elections Chair

    Class Year: 2017

  • Joshua Wolfgang

    Communications Chair

    Class Year: 2017
    Major: Economics/Business
    Hometown: Stowe, Vermont
    Involved in on campus: Meliora Capital Management

  • Celine Anand

    Deputy Chair of Communications

    Secondary Position: Elections Task Force Member

    Class Year: 2016

    Hometown: DuBois, PA

    Major: Political Science

    Involvement: Walk-a-Mile Chair for SEGway, Alpha Phi Sorority

  • Stephen Wegman

    Senator, Academics Committee Chair

    Class Year: 2017
    Majors: Economics, Psychology
    Hometown: Rochester, New York
    Involved in on campus: Class Council, Meridian Society, Rising Leader Program

  • Erinmarie Byrnes

    Deputy Academics Chair

    Class Year: 2017
    Majors: Political Science and English LMC
    Hometown: Glenside, PA
    Involved in Campus: LEAP, UR Celtic, Sigma Delta Tau Sorority