Senate votes to endorse the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act

At the April 1, 2013 Senate meeting, the Senate voted to endorse the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act, a piece of legislation that has been considered by the United States Congress. According to the summary of the Congressional Research Service, the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act of 2011

“Amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow tax-exempt charitable or educational organizations to make collegiate housing and infrastructure improvement grants to certain tax-exempt social clubs (e.g., college fraternities and sororities) which apply such grants to their collegiate housing property.”

The University of Rochester joins a larger group of college and university student governments which have expressed support for the legislation. Minutes from this meeting will be posted in the coming week, but you can read the full resolution below.

Resolution endorsing the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act

Vote by Roll Call:

  • Bade – Yes
  • Burke – No
  • Esce – No
  • Halpern – No
  • Macias – Yes
  • Manuelpillai – No
  • Mclaughlin – No
  • Metzler – No
  • Perrotta – Yes
  • Rambarran – Yes
  • Salazar – Yes
  • Sanchez – No
  • Spica – Yes
  • Stark – Yes

Motion Passes 8-7-0

Note on no votes: Many Senators expressed concerns that the act was not in the best interest of all students but only members of the greek community. Furthermore, because University of Rochester fraternity houses are owned by Residential Life, they argued that the act would not benefit current undergraduate students.


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