SA Sustainability Goals

The following are a series of goals —short-term, medium-term, and long-term— that the SA Sustainability Coordinator has developed to improve the Students’ Associations’ efforts towards becoming an environmentally friendly and sustainable organization. The following goals are the not the only green efforts being made by the Students’ Association, nor will they be the last.

Short-term goals

  • Set the SA printer to double-sided printing settings DONE!
  • Reuse single-sided paper to print agendas DONE!
  • Set SA computers to energy savings settings DONE!
  • Use a power strip in offices and turn it off at night DONE!
  • Turn off office lights when not in use and install sensors DONE!
  • Have and use recycling bins in offices and at meetings DONE!
  • Send out reminder emails before meetings for reusable mugs and bottles DONE!
  • Encourage committees and student groups to improve their sustainability DONE!
  • Have every Senator review the Sustainability Pledge
  • Hold first Student Sustainability Council meeting with new group leaders DONE!
  • Compile “green checklist” for organizations DONE!

Medium-term goals

  • Follow up on Walk for Dark with Facilities DONE!
  • Put Student Sustainability Council updates and minutes on the website DONE!
  • Have clear signage describing materials that can be recycled near every recycling container DONE!
  • Establish Sustainability office hours for student groups DONE!
  • Install sensors in all of the Ruth Merrill offices
  • Establish a green catering option
  • Distribute an information pamphlet about sustainability to incoming freshman

Long-term goals

  • Bring revolving loan for funding efficiency projects to University Council on Sustainability DONE!
  • Bring a green fee for funding other projects to University Council on Sustainability DONE!
  • Greek life involvement project
  • Start an outdoor recycling program  DONE!
  • Establish a sustainable printing incentive  DONE!
  • Have one student representative from every group attend the SSC meetings