The SA Sustainability Mission Statement: The Students’ Association seeks to improve, innovate, and establish sustainable and environmentally beneficial practices on campus, especially focusing on those concerning the SA Offices. The SA Sustainability Coordinator heads SA Sustainability and works with the University Council on Sustainability and the Student Sustainability Council to enact these practices.

Meet the Student Sustainability Coordinator

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Picture of Siobhan Mclaughlin

Siobhan Mclaughlin ‘14

Sustainability Coordinator

There are several aspects to the role of Sustainability Coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for organizing and documenting the Student Sustainability Council (SSC) meetings, as well as distributing the minutes and agenda for these meetings. It is also the coordinator’s duty to work with the administration to innovate and improve sustainable practices on campus. The Sustainability Coordinator must sit on the University Council on Sustainability and be involved in a working group on the council. It is also the Sustainability Coordinator’s job to develop a clear outline of short and long-term goals for SA Sustainability along with a plan for completion of these goals. Lastly, the Sustainability Coordinator should provide resources for students and groups to become more sustainable in their lifestyle and their events.

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