The Students’ Association Senate is led by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, and it is comprised of 18 Senators elected by the student body.


Senate Leadership

  • Ethan Bidna

    Speaker of the Senate

    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Economics
    Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA
    Involvement on Campus: Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Blue Crew

  • Joshua Hill

    Deputy Speaker

    Class Year: 2018
    Major: Political Science
    Hometown: Webster, NY
    Involvement on Campus: Resident Advisor, Circle K, Meridian Society, Kearns Scholars


Senate meetings are held at 8PM in the Gowen Room of Wilson Commons


  • Daniel Matthews


    Class Year: 2017
    Majors: Microbiology
    Hometown: LeRoy, NY
    Involvement on Campus: Alpha Delta Phi, URDU

  • Robin Graziano


    Class Year: 2016
    Majors: Political Science and Psychology
    Hometown: Buffalo, NY
    Involvement on Campus: President of College Feminsts, Wilson Commons Building Manager, Phi Sigma Sigma

  • Samantha Lienert


    Class Year: 2017
    Majors: Psychology and Public Health
    Hometown: Succasunna, NJ
    Involvement on Campus: Res Life RA, Psych TA, Common Connections Employee, Med Center Intern, Class Council VP

  • Adam Rosenkranz


    Class Year: 2017
    Majors: B.S. Business
    Hometown: Dobbs Ferry, NY
    Involvement on Campus: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Alumni Ambassadors, UR SEGway

  • Juan Pablo Castano


    Class Year: 2018
    Major: Computer Science
    Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
    Involvement on Campus: 2018 Class Council, Chi Rho, Resident Advisor

  • Natalie Ziegler


    Class Year: 2018
    Majors: International Relations and Comparative Literature
    Hometown: Akron, OH
    Involvement on Campus: Phi Sigma Sigma, SDS, the GAC

  • Nisha Divan


    Class Year: 2018
    Major: Chemical Engineering
    Hometown: Buffalo, NY
    Involvement on Campus: Alpha Phi, Eye to Eye, Friends of Strong Volunteer

  • Zoe James


    Class Year: 2018
    Major: Computer Science
    Hometown: Queens, New York
    Involvement on Campus: Alpha Phi Omega, Eco Reps, D’lion, Sustainability Council

  • Jordan Smith


    Class Year: 2018
    Major: Political Science
    Hometown: New Boston, NH
    Involvement on Campus: Phi Sigma Sigma

  • Christian Keenan


    Class Year: 2018
    Major: Biomedical Engineering
    Hometown: Voorheesville, NY
    Involvement on Campus: 2018 Class Council, Sigma Nu, Community Service Network, STEM Initiative, Residential Advisor

  • Becca Mooney


    Class Year: 2018
    Majors: International Relations and Spanish
    Hometown: Barrington, Il
    Involvement on Campus: Alpha Phi, Modern Languages and Cultures Undergrad Council, Salseros, ROCMUN, Running Club

  • David Stark


    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Economics, Political Science
    Hometown: Potomac, MD
    Involvement on campus: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, University Calling Center

  • Delvin Moody


    Class Year: 2019
    Majors: Political Science and Religion
    Hometown: Utica, NY
    Involvement on campus: Chair of Joint Collegiate Black Student Summit, Member of Douglas Leadership House, Chi Rho Society