Senate meetings are held at 8PM in the Gowen Room of Wilson Commons

How does the Senate work? 

The Students’ Association Senate is the Legislative branch of SA Government. It is led by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, and is comprised of 18 Senators elected by the student body. The Senate is responsible for representing the concerns of students, researching information related to these concerns, passing legislation based on their research, and holding the executive branch accountable for the execution of these initiatives.

For students, the best way to make a change on campus

is to contact a Senator!


Senate Leadership


    • Nicholas Foti


      Class Year: 2019

      Major: Political Science & Economics

      Involvement on Campus: Sigma Phi Epsilon, UR Sailing Club

    • Kamel Awayda


      Class Year: 2020

      Major: Biochemistry

      Involvement on Campus: Men’s soccer club, SADACA, MSA

    • Nicholas Pierce


      Class Year: 2019

      Major: Economics (BA) & Data Science (BS)

      Involvement on Campus: Deputy Chair of Elections 7 Rules Committee, Symphony Orchestra, Undergraduate Data Science Council, Chi Rho Society, Financial Aid Ambassador, Employer Relations Assistant

    • Daniel Matthews


      Class Year: 2017
      Majors: Microbiology
      Hometown: LeRoy, NY
      Involvement on Campus: MOVE, Debate Team, Alpha Delta Phi

    • Natalie Ziegler


      Class Year: 2018
      Majors: Anthropology & Comparative Literature
      Hometown: Akron, OH
      Involvement on Campus: Phi Sigma Sigma, SDS, the GAC, DJ for The Sting

    • Zoe James


      Class Year: 2018
      Major: Computer Science
      Hometown: Queens, New York
      Involvement on Campus: Alpha Phi Omega, Eco Reps, D’lion, Sustainability Council, Chi Rho, Kearns Scholar