The Students’ Association Senate is led by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, and it is comprised of 18 Senators elected by the student body.

Senate meetings are held at 8PM in the Gowen Room of Wilson Commons

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Senate Leadership

  • Eudora Erickson

    Speaker of the Senate

    Secondary Position: Elections Task Force Member

    Class Year: 2016
    Majors: Economics and Business
    Minors: Studio Arts and Psychology
    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Involved in on Campus: Renaissance and Global Scholars, Residential Life (RA), Meridian Society, Panhellenic Association, Student Alumni Ambassador (SAA)

  • Lindsay Wrobel

    Deputy Speaker of the Senate

    Class Year: 2017
    Major: Political Science
    Minor: Spanish
    Hometown: Batavia, NY
    Involved in on Campus: College Democrats, Susan B. Anthony Hall Council, Blue Crew, Debate

Senate Committees

The Academics Committee serves to improve students’ educational experience by addressing academic concerns and engaging with administration to influence policy.

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The Appropriations Committee (SAAC) is responsible for funding student organizations and managing the finances of the SA.

Visit the Appropriations page for more info


The Communications & Public Relations Committee is the voice of the SA Government.

Visit the Communications & PR page for more info

The Elections Committee is responsible for ensuring a fair election for all students.

Visit the Elections page for more info

The Policy & Review Committee is the regulatory body of SA Government and student organizations

Visit the Policy & Review page for more info

The Projects & Services Committee collaborates with University Departments and maintains SA initiatives.

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Senators At-Large


  • Sofia Salen

    Senator At-Large

    Secondary Position: Dining Aide and  Elections Task Force Member

    Class Year: 2017

  • Scott Fu

    Senator At-Large

    Secondary Position: Communications Creative Team Member

    Class Year: 2017
    Majors: Financial Economics, Psychology 
    Hometown: Chengdu, China
    Involved in on Campus: Class Council, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ballroom Dance Club

  • Sequoia Kemp

    Senator At-Large

    Class Year: 2016

  • Vanessa Sanchez

    Senator At-Large, Elections Chair

    Class Year: 2015
    Majors: International Relations, Business
    Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Involved in on Campus: UR BlueCrew, Alpha Phi

  • Josh Anes

    Senator At-Large

    Class Year: 2017
    Major: Political Science
    Hometown: Edison, New Jersey
    Involved in on Campus: Model United Nations, Hillel


Senior Class Senators


  • Matthew McCormick


    Class Year: 2015

    Majors: Religion and International Relations

    Class Year: 2015

    Involvement: Refugee student tutor, Men’s Club Ultimate player



  • Alexandra Poindexter


    Secondary Position: Dining Committee Coordinator

    Class Year: 2015

  • Mehr Kashyap


    Class Year: 2015
    Majors: Cell and Developmental Biology, Computer Science
    Hometown: Rochester, NY
    Involvement in on Campus: Class Council, GlobeMed, Resident Advisor, Teaching Assistant


Junior Class Senators


  • Melissa Holloway


    Secondary Position: Wellness Coordinator, Elections Task Force Member

    Class Year: 2016

  • Ethan Bidna

    Senator, Policy & Review Chair

    Secondary Position: Elections Task Force Member
    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Urban Studies
    Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA
    Involved in on Campus: Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Blue Crew

  • Luke Metzler


    Class Year: 2016
    Majors: Economics, Psychology
    Hometown: Fairport, NY
    Involved in on campus: UR YellowJackets A Cappella, Sigma Phi Epsilon


Sophomore Class Senators


  • Antonio Cardenas


    Secondary Position: IT Co-Coordinator

    Class Year: 2017

  • Adrian Petrou


    Secondary Position: Elections Task Force Member

    Class Year: 2017

  • Stephen Wegman

    Senator, Academics Committee Chair

    Class Year: 2017
    Majors: Economics, Psychology
    Hometown: Rochester, New York
    Involved in on campus: Class Council, Meridian Society, Rising Leader Program


Freshman Class Senators