Supplemental Funding Request Process

All requests for Supplemental Funding (of any type) must be made by the Business Manager of an SA Recognized group.

Equipment, Program, and Conference Supplemental Funding requests

  • Forms can be found on the Appropriations page on the sidebar.  The questions on each form must be answered in detail and signatures must be obtained from the group’s SAO advisor, Student Accountant, and Business Manager.
  • Completed forms must be submitted to the SAAC office (Ruth Merrill Center 101-E) by Wednesday at noon at least 2 weeks prior to the date that the funding is needed.
  • Once submitted, the Business Manager will be contacted and asked to attend a SAAC meeting (Tuesday nights, 8 pm, Stackel Room WC).  At the meeting, the Business Manager will describe the request, then field questions from the committee.  A decision will be made at that meeting regarding the request.