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The College of Arts Sciences and Engineering has partnered with USEED to create USEED@Rochester a powerful tool for fueling initiatives through crowd-sourced philanthropic giving aka “crowdfunding”.

This is the official way to online fundraise for your organization. Using USEED@Rochester gives you and your financial supports tax deduction credit (to the extend allowed by the law) and banking straight to your organization’s account. The support USEED provides for your crowdfunding project is great. If your organization is interested visit the USEED@Rochester page and Apply. More about this will be shared at the Sessions on Developing your Student Organization.

If you have any initial questions you can email Stacey Fisher.

These are the tools you’ll be using each week to run your student organization and its finances.

Business Managers Manual

The bread & butter guide to managing the finances of your student organization.

Check out the manual >

Check out the Training Presentation >


Business Managers can obtain their organization’s account balances by contacting their accountant via email or by attending regular office hours. For updated account balances, please check your monthly reports, found in your individual mailboxes. In addition, the “Ledger Form” is available under the sidebar Important Documents on the SAAC website, through which Business Managers can easily track their group’s finances independently.


Budgeting Information Packet

This packet will guide you through the annual budgeting process. Ask for help if you need it. Prepare your budget >

Ten Principles of SA Funding

The standards upon which SAAC evaluates a funding request. These are important.
Read the Principles
Read our Funding Guidelines

Inventory Update & Ledger Forms

Excel spreadsheets used for Inventory Updates and spending ledgers. Inventory Update Form > Ledger form >

Supplemental Funding

SAAC hears requests for supplemental funding every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Conference Supplemental Form

Want to take your group to a Conference? We can fund up to $100 for four people. Fill out the form >

Post-Season Play Supplemental Form

Do you need additional funding for a post-season competition? We can help with that. Fill out the form >

Program/Competition Supplemental Form

Need program or travel funding for something that just came up? We can fund half. Fill out the form >Funding Guidelines>

Equipment Care & Supplemental Forms

We can help purchase new equipment for your group. Take good care of it. Supplemental Form > Care Report>

More information on the SAAC Homepage

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