University Committees

The SA President appoints representatives from any position within the three branches of government to serve on a multitude of College and University Committees. These representatives must be able to comfortably speak on behalf of the student body at-large, from an informed and intelligent perspective. All representatives are expected to report to the President and the Senate frequently (and diligently, though often informally).

Committee Descriptions

Administrative Committee (Antoinette Esce)

This committee establishes the administrative guidelines for academic probation and separation, acts on all requests for exception (judges academic petitions), and handles all cases of academic inequity.

The Administrative Committee meets monthly at a time to be determined.

Advisory Committee on Alumni Student Engagement (Currently not meeting)

This committee facilitates interactions between alumni and students, and promotes student education about alumni philanthropy. Tasks include event planning, communication strategizing, networking, and advocacy, though SA representatives may choose to partake in any or all aspects as they are interested.

The Engagement Committee meets flexibly as needed, on average every other week.

Board on Academic Honesty (Andrew Cutillo or delegate)

The Board on Academic Honesty hears cases of academic dishonesty and decides the appropriate sanctions for violations of the College Policy on Academic Honesty. This is the only University Committee whose representation is not appointed or overseen by the President.

The BAH meets as needed.

College Curriculum Committee (Roshal Patel)

This committee reviews new courses and all proposed programs. These include clusters, minors, majors, and interdepartmental studies, and inter-college curriculum. They also assess needs of existing programs and graduation requirements, reporting directly to the Faculty Council.

The CCC meets every other Thursday at 2:00-3:30 p.m.

College Diversity Roundtable (Bradley Halpern and Alina Czekai)

This committee is charged to ensure an educational exchange regarding diversity. CDR promotes open and comfortable discussion of this complex issue. Chiefly, the committee also oversees the Campus Climate Survey and deals with any issues pertaining to racial or ethnic diversity.

CDR meets roughly every month at times to be determined.

College Teaching and Learning Technology Roundtable (CTLTR) (Ryan Puffer)

This committee is an exciting discussion group made up of representatives from every department. It is charged by the Dean of the College to promote creative teaching strategies that implement technology, though the scope of the committee’s discussions is often far broader.

CTLTR meets every other Thursday during the academic year at 8:30-10:30 a.m.

Communications Advisory Board (Rishi Sharma)

This committee is convened by the Vice President for Communications, and aims to gather student feedback on engaging ways to push central information out to students. Discussions frequently include the use of technology, postering campaigns, social media, and University website feedback.

The Board meets semesterly at a time to be determined.

Dining Advisory Committee (Shiv Rambarran)

This committee is operated by senior Aramark leadership at the University, and is intended to be a primary opportunity to hear student feedback. Each month, focus shifts to a different dining center or topic, though general comments and complaints are always welcomed. And oh year, there’s free dinner.

The committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Event Registration Committee (Greg Corrado)

This committee oversees and modifies the new event registration policy that governs the planning of all on campus events. It involves constant assessment of the form and communication surrounding it.

ERC anticipates meeting every other week.

Faculty Council (Roshal Patel)

This committee oversees a wide array of academic and faculty related issues.

The Council meets every full month of the academic year and as needed.

The board meets at 6:15p.m. on the last Wednesday of each month during the academic year.

Greek Management Committee (Henry Macias)

Called by Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, this committee oversees Greek management issues including expansion of chapters to campus.

IT Governance Council (Ryan Puffer)

This committee is comprised of senior IT leadership from around the University who discuss all recent happenings in their areas and strategic plans for growth of projects. They also oversee the IT Security Task Force

The committee meets roughly every month.

Joint Committee on Security (Donias Doko, Roshal Patel)

This committee intends to serve as an advisory board to University Security, dealing with controversial issues facing Security, but primarily focusing on education and communication strategy. The committee is co-chaired by the SA Security Coordinator and Asst. Director of Security. All meetings are open to all students.

The committee meets monthly on Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m.

Off Campus Events and Bar Committee (Henry Macias)

This committee reviews requests for restricted and unrestricted bar parties, assessing preparedness and staffing needs. Additionally, the committee will be discussing new communication strategies for raising safety and policy awareness amongst organization leaders and the student body at large.

Off Campus Events and Bar Committee meets every other Wednesday at 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Rochester Intercollegiate Council (Roshal Patel and Alina Czekai)

This committee consists of leadership from all Rochester area Colleges and Universities, in an effort to collaborate, and share resources and knowledge. The committee frequently works with City Hall, local government representatives, and local media.

RIC meets regularly as determined by the council.

Sophomore Committee (Antoinette Esce)

This committee is charged to address the variety of academic issues considered to be largely unique to sophomores. Notably, these include major declaration and retention rate. The committee hosts events, plan programs, and advises College administration.

The committee meets every other Friday at 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Standing Committee on Alcohol Policy Education (SCAPE) (Vanessa Sanchez)

This committee discusses ways to improve alcohol awareness and education on campus in an effort to prevent binge-drinking and other unhealthy activities. The committee also develops policies and changes the student code of conduct as needed. Note: Substantial reading is required as part of the training process for this committee.

The committee meets every other Friday at 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Transportation Advisory Committee (Ana Garcia)

This committee addresses all issues pertaining to Parking & Transportation, including “creative” solutions such as ZipCar and the Discount Taxi Program. Chiefly, the focus lies on University shuttles. The largest project is reassessment of the Red Line, in an effort to standardize and improve its service.

The committee meets every other week, traditionally on Fridays.

University Council on Sustainability (Shioban McLaughlin)

After existing for three years on a pilot basis, the Council is now entering its first full year as a University standing committee. UCOS assesses the state of campus environmental sustainability, and its working groups work on different initiatives to better campus “green” efforts.

UCOS meets monthly.

University of Rochester Student Health Advisory Committee (URSHAC) (Alina Czekai, Antoinette Esce)

This committee advises the UHS Health Promotion Office on the student perspective regarding health education and service. They also assist with student driven education initiatives such as Healthy Mondays and Flexitarian nights.

The committee meets every other Friday at a time to be determined.

University of Rochester Web Service Advisory Committee (Ryan Puffer)

This committee is charged to facilitate communication and collaboration between Web Service providers responsible for implementing departmental Web strategy. They are to advocate and disseminate Web standards and guidelines across departments.

Auxiliary Reporting Committees

Campus Leadership Advisory Board (Roshal Patel)

Called by Glenn Cerosaletti (Center for Community Leadership) to discuss leadership topics and programs of various support departments on campus.

The committee meets as able, usually up to three times per semester.

Committee on Campus Safety (Currently no representation)

Called by Sue Stewart (University Counsel) to address campus safety matters.

The committee meets ~semesterly.

Campaign Cabinet for the United Way (Jessica Nielsen and Stephanie Panama)

Called by Andrea DeMeo. Student advocate representative Glenn Cerosaletti sits on the committee and appoints a CSN/student representative.