President Roshal Patel’s Letter of Resignation & Annual Report

Dear Speaker Simlote,

A day short of a year ago, Alina and I began serving our term as the President and Vice-President of the Students’ Association. The decision to run for office came about in a less than conventional way. However, the support we received while entertaining the idea was tremendous. We were encouraged by University administrators, our families, and professors, but most importantly, many of our peers. Our fellow students not only helped us to build the confidence to run a presidential campaign, but they also shared with us their ideas, concerns, and perceptions of what it means to be a student here at the University of Rochester. We each had a unique view from our former years at the school, but it was from our interactions with other students that we were able to construct the platform of inclusion, communication and commitment to student life. It was through the adherence to these ideals that we built a team of incredibly students, to whom we are truly grateful.

As the academic year comes to an end, a new group of passionate students will assume the positions within Students’ Association Government. We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors and the challenges they may face. We encourage them to be open to change and criticism, while remaining enthusiastic about and dedicated to their goals. We have both grown tremendously as people, and we owe that entirely to the spirit of “Meliora,” a motto that we did not know the full meaning until this year. It is a motto that, once known, is always understood. We look forward to the future of the University of Rochester and we are confident that upon each return to our alma mater we will find it to be “ever better.”

Alina and I have been so thankful for the opportunity to serve as Students’ Association President and Vice-President, but our time has come. We are excited for and wish Shilpa and Greg all the best next year!

Roshal Patel

Check out what the SA has done in this year’s executive report. Thanks so much


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