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It’s a new year and a new semester and there are new positions available with the Student’s Association! This is your chance to get involved and make a real change on campus.  Check out the positions below – there’s something for every interest.  Put your passions to good use and fill out an application here!

Academic Coordinator

The Academic Coordinator will be the head of the Projects & Services Academic Team which will include 3-5 other committee members. They will work closely with the committee chair and the academic team to develop projects in collaboration with academic departments on campus. At first, this will require benchmarking, assessment, and goal setting in areas of research, teaching improvement, course evaluations and experiential learning. The position requires a moderate time commitment, communication and management skills, and a passion for improving the academics at Rochester!

Wellness Coordinator

The Wellness Coordinator will be responsible for all projects dealing with Wellness and will work closely with the Projects & Services Committee Chair to continue working on developing a comprehensive Wellness program.

Graphic Designer

The Communications & Public Relations Committee is looking to appoint a second Graphic Designer to help produce stunning visuals for our advertising campaigns. Responsibilities include designing posters, pamphlets, and visuals for the Hive in collaboration with other Committee aides.


The Webmaster will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Hive, including its general content pages and custom projects as needed by other Committees. Applicants must know PHP and jQuery; experience with WordPress is recommended but not required.

Policy & Review Aide

An Aide on the Policy & Review Committee is responsible for supporting new and existing groups on campus. Each aide is assigned a group of clubs to work with to draft constitutions and bylaws, and address any concerns they have.

Student Accountant

The Students’ Association Appropriations Committee (SAAC) is looking for students interested in serving as Student Accountants. Applications are due on Thursday, January 17th by 5pm in the SAAC office. Interviews will be held on Tuesday January 22nd. Applicants can contact the Treasurer for more information.

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