Accountability is the true key to effective governance.

On this page you can track our progress on platform promises and recent projects. SA Government thrives on student feedback, so we always welcome you to contact us.

Consistency & Expansion
of Student Services

Community Engagement
& Unification

Accessibility & Priority
for Student Feedback

Grab & Go Lunches

Students with hectic schedules, particularly those with unlimited meal plans, find it difficult to eat at Danforth and Douglass. Bagged lunches will address this issue by providing students with an accessible on-the-go option for meals during the week.

Evaluate & Expand Amenities in Campus Spaces

In order to ensure that all of our shared campus spaces fulfill our students’ growing needs, we will evaluate and enhance study areas, rehearsal spaces, and meeting rooms.

Improve Summer Storage Options

We need to simplify the summer storage process by providing students with a resource that centralizes reliable and discounted options.

Printing in Dorms

For students who do not own a printer, the libraries are the only facilities with printers for general use. To alleviate this inconvenience, we will advocate for access to printing services in those dorms that are far away from the University of Rochester library.

Increase Student Group Storage Space

We need to provide adequate space for our student organizations to store their equipment. In order to satisfy this demand, we will find new areas for storage beyond Ruth Merrill Center.

Student-to-Student Book Exchange

In an effort to save students money on textbooks, we would like to create a system that allows students to easily connect with one another to buy and sell textbooks.

Equal Card Access for All Students

We believe that all students should have access to communal spaces, regardless of where they live. Currently, students who life off-campus do not have complete access to communal spaces within residential or academic buildings.

Flat Funding of Political Organizations

It is our responsibility to promote the success of our student organizations. Though the Students’ Association does not fund political activity, we would like to provide flat funding for all political organizations to offset the burden of administrative costs.

Post Past Syllabi on CDCS

Currently, the CDCS does not provide much of the information that would help students decide their courses. In an effort to make CDCS a more useful tool for students during the registration process, we will encourage professors to post past course syllabi.

Increase Transportation to Popular Off-Campus Spots

We will work closely with Wilson Commons Student Activities to analyze the recent card reader data and advocate for necessary changes in current bus routes.

Late Night Hangout

In light of the Collegetown project and other campus renovations, we will continue to support the establishment of a late night hangout spot on campus. We hope to work with the administration in advocating for a such a space that meets the needs of our student body.


Student-Faculty Interaction Grants

We will establish small grants (up to $250) to promote the interaction of students and professors outside of the classroom.

Strengthen Rochester Traditions

Our university’s wealth of history tends to get lost in the rapidly changing state of our community.

We seek to promote passion for the many traditions of our campus, thereby strengthening the bonds connecting our current students to one another, to the vast network of alumni, and to all future Yellowjackets to come

Expand University Communication

We’ve noticed a lack of student communication beyond the undergraduate college.

As a university community, we would like to strengthen our ties with the Eastman Students’ Association and the Graduate Organizing Group by establishing a liaison. We hope that this collaboration will help in understanding and addressing student life related concerns across the university.

Lunch with the Prez & VP

In order to deepen our understanding and broaden the scope of student needs on campus, will launch a program where students can sit down with us over lunch to talk about their Rochester experiences and voice their concerns.

$5k Challenge

Do you have a great idea to benefit the University of Rochester? We will put your ideas to a student body vote. The winning proposal gets $5000 to make it happen.

Strategic & Quarterly Reports

In an effort to increase transparency, communication, and feedback, we will publish concise and accessible reports summarizing the progress of our initiatives throughout the year.