Funding of Political & Religious Groups

In an effort to better support all of the student groups on campus, the SA Government is instituting flat rate funding for inclusive Political & Religious student organizations.

The Students’ Association Government is in charge of allocating money to many of the SA recognized groups on campus. In the past, we have avoided funding Political or Religious student organizations to promote a spirit of impartiality and to remain neutral in discussions that have such deep cultural, societal, and political motivations.

This has not been working. We’ve found that Political and Religious organizations struggle to pay for the basic managerial tasks that all other student groups afford easily. By funding all Political and Religious organizations with a flat amount, $60, we will promote student success without endorsing any particular belief or value above the others.

All student groups deserve to succeed. Consider this a first step toward that goal.

Shilpa Topudurti
Students’ Association President


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