Annual Report

The SA Government Annual Report documents the successes of Student Government over the course of the academic year. It also provides several suggestions for future action by the different branches of Student Government. Below is an embedded interactive copy of the report (requires flash).

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Accountability is the true key to effective governance. On this page you can track our progress on platform promises and recent projects. SA Government thrives on student feedback, so we always welcome you to contact us.

Empowering Students

Joint Committee on Security

To promote a sentiment of safety on campus, students and Security Officers need a forum to meet each other and talk openly. This Joint Committee co-lead by our two organizations strives to provide just that.
What’s Happened: Committee met monthly for the 2011-2012 school year, heard from numerous students, built a relationship with Security staff, and succeeded with several mutual projects.
Contact: Donias Doko

Get Out and See Rochester

Many of us spend four years in Rochester and it’s not until Senior Week that we realize what the city has to offer, and how rich in culture it truly is.
What’s Happened: A calendar and bi-weekly spotlights were published online and on bulletin boards in the Rush Rhees tunnels and the Wilson Commons bridge. Spotlight arranged for discounts and promotions during the two week duration of each feature.
Contact: Kait Holden and Jessica Bendes

Health & Wellness

Create to promote a healthy lifestyle on campus and increase healthy opportunities in fitness, dining, and other areas.
What’s Happened: A Wellness committee comprised of University-wide representation met, increased healthy food options on campus, made detailed nutritional information available, and increased athletic center offerings and fitness programs.
Contact: Anupa Gewali and Natalie Molta

Medical Amnesty

According to an internal study conducted by our campaign, the 87% of students would feel more comfortable seeking necessary medical assistance when in distress, and 98% would be more likely to seek assistance for their friends if they were guaranteed to have no resulting penal consequences. Given existing social pressures, we should do everything we can to remove inhibiting factors to seeking help.
What’s Happened: A Medical Amnesty clause has been added to the Student Code of Conduct for 2012-2013, assuring that students seeking medical attention for alcohol and other drug related illness will not have any disciplinary consequences.
Contact: Tess Petersen

Celebration of Diversity

We are fortunate to attend a University filled with such substantial diversity of culture, race, and thought, and working to better understand and appreciate individuals’ differences on our campus is an admirable goal. We strive to identify ways to model our appreciation of diversity and continually improve the culture on campus.
What’s Happened: A Collaboration Coordinator position has been created and given a substantial funding source to forge new bonds between groups. Groups of different backgrounds will be brought together to address common issues and progress toward mutual goals, such as betterment of student life.
Contact: Rohini Bhatia

Peer Advising

While there is no disputing the value of a professional mentor in one’s field of study, peer advisors serve a unique role in helping students to take full advantage of academic and co-curricular opportunities in their field. A peer advising program to coach undergraduates on research, entrepreneurial opportunities, study abroad, and academic tracks would help fill in gaps left by pre-major advisors and major mentors.
What’s Happened: Peer advisors have been hired for six pilot departments, office space has been identified, the program has been funded, and a central training program has been planned through the College Center for Academic Support. The Peer Advising program will launch in these six academic disciplines in Fall 2012.
Contact: Humma Sheikh

YellowJacket Spirit

Our Yellowjackets are up to quite a lot… from athletics to research, activities, and service, UR students are making their mark on campus and around the world. Let’s spread the word.
What’s Happened: Launch of a new Spirit page, creation of a Fill Fauver committee and the largest incentive rewards program in program’s history, and collaborated with athletes to better support their needs.
Contact: Alex Eadie

Research & Innovation

Like many of the world’s other leading research institutions Rochester has outstanding faculty support, but do students know how to jump in and get involved? With increased funding, resources, and communication, student initiatives can reach their full potential
What’s Happened: Working with the College Curriculum Committee, Director of College Assessment, select undergraduate councils, University IT, and the Director of Undergraduate Research, an online research opportunities marketplace is in the works. By maximizing access to resources already available, we plan to demonstrate a need for increased funding for entrepreneurial ventures as needed.
Contact: Oswald Codjoe

Improvement of Teaching Resources

Throughout formation of Center for Excellence and Teaching and Learning this year, student resources and evaluation have been a priority for us.
What’s Happened: We’ve demonstrated a need for centralized TA training, and such a program is in the works for 2013. We plan to leverage our new College Peer Advising program to demonstrate the potential success of centralized curriculum for mentors and instructors.
Contact: Lalita Movva

Enabling Access to Information

Rocky’s Report Videos

In order to better deliver on our administration’s promise to communicate effectively, we are opening a new medium in which we can do so–multimedia. We’ve also started personalizing all Rocky’s Report newsletters to each recipient, and redesigned the content.
What’s Happened: Videos have been included monthly, our distribution technology has been upgraded, and we personalize the content for each recipient.
Contact: Kait Holden and Devin Embil

Internal Accountability

You elected us… but do you know what we do? The Senate represents you—the students—and without effective two-way communication, we are not serving you to our full potential.
What’s Happened: Senate minutes and summaries are posted weekly, this first-ever Initiatives Dashboard is updated regularly
Contact: Bradley Halpern and Alina Czekai

Communicating Points of Pride

“The Buzz,” a new central website for tracking student initiatives accomplishments and communicating them through unified channels, is up and running.
What’s Happened: The Buzz website is up and running with a substantial number of daily hits; the Communications news team has new continuous sources of information; feeds have been added to, departmental sites, UR Mobile and
What’s Next: Publishing of API for easy database connections to departmental and organization websites, aesthetic facelift
Contact: Bradley Halpern and The Buzz News Team

Know Your Rights

The All-Campus Judicial Council presented Know Your Rights, an interactive info-session to debunk myths, review new policy, and explain the judicial process in early Spring 2012. The room was filled with engaged students and productive conversation.
Contact: Tess Petersen

SAAC Teller System

Accountants should be able to complete forms for all groups almost immediately using a fully digital process, thereby decreasing wait time and easing the burden on organization business managers substantially.
What’s Happened: The Appropriations Committee now takes full advantage of the Hive’s forms system, allowing business managers to submit requests online and have them filled almost immediately during business hours.
Contact: Joe Eckert

Simplification of Processes

Navigating the zoo of forms and instructions for maintaining such a large network of organizations can be a headache. We aim to condense and simplify processes and forms through evaluation and digitization, and improve advisor expectations and relationships.
What’s Happened: A consolidated Hive forms system now allows SA Government to communicate more efficiently with students through online forms and digital reporting. Effective Spring 2012, SA Government is using entirely paperless forms, saving countless trees and thousands of dollars annually. Conversations with WCSA have established clarified expectations for advisors, and eliminated unnecessary layers of bureaucracy (particularly in the group recognition process).
Contact: Bradley Halpern and Shilpa Topudurti

Student Code & Policy Transparency

The Student Code of Conduct is more than 50 pages, have you read it? We hope to evaluate it, ensure transparency of its changes, and make its policies more easily accessible.
What’s Happened: At executive request, the Dean of the College has agreed to charge a Committee to Evaluate the Student Code of Conduct in Fall 2012. An unbiased faculty member will chair the committee and public records will be made available to the campus community.
Contact: Rishi Sharma and Vanessa Sanchez

Developing the Campus

Safe Ride Home Service

The River Campus is active 24/7, but our bus system is not. Students want safe transportation home after 1AM, but especially in the Winter, escort rides take a substantial toll on Security staffing.
What’s Happened: A third SA Van and drivers have been hired. Thanks to a strong partnership with University Security, a student-run Safe Ride Home program is now available from 1-4 a.m. on campus and between River Campus properties.
Contact: Donias Doko

Walk for Facilities

After 25 years of success with the Walk for Light, we are consolidating it and the other Facilities assessment projects to increase focus on campus beautification, energy use, and interior renovations.
What’s Happened: The Walk took place on Nov. 4. and we’ve publication of the final 2011 report.
Contact: Joe Ciminelli

Innovative Campus Technology

Looking back at a non-wireless campus just three years ago, we’ve come a long way with technology. All of our classrooms are smart and most of our classes use Blackboard, but it’s time we push further into the future.
What’s Happened: This year brought the 2nd annual SA IT Summit (view report PDF), and most notably, URWireless in Towers to round out the expansion project
What’s Next:
Contact: Ryan Puffer

Assess and Advocate for Campus Facilities Enhancements

With the economic recession stabilizing and new sources of revenue opening up, we hope to see facilities enhancements and additions increase over the next 5 years. We are surveying student needs so that as opportunities arise, we are fully prepared to outfit buildings with the best tools.
What’s Happened: There are more capital construction projects underway now than any other time since the River Campus was constructed in the 1920s. Aside from construction of two new dorm buildings, a Media Arts & Innovation Center, the new LeChase Hall, and all new athletic fields, we have successfully negotiated student planning roles for the upcoming College Town and research renovation projects.


Digitization, resuming composting, refreshing the Student Sustainability Council, and promotion of a sustainable lifestyle are all priorities of this administration.
What’s Happened: As we continue to hold SSC meetings, we’ve increased student participation in the University Council on Sustainability five-fold, and eliminated all paper forms internally. The switch to paperless processes is estimated to save thousands of dollars and countless trees annually.
Contact: Will Finnie

SA Technology Enhancement

The SA sites are already a great resource for students to learn about SA Government, student organizations, and upcoming events, but there’s still room for innovation and improvement.
What’s Happened: Through hiring a full time web developer, we’ve been able to add a CCC Videos widget, consolidated forms system, and address numerous bug fixes on the Hive.
Contact: Ryan Puffer