A Note On Post-Election Community Respect and Tolerance

The 2012 election cycle has come to an end. Without doubt, the election was heated, and stirred strong emotional reactions among members of our community. This in itself is not necessarily bad. However, there were several incidents of disrespect, discourteousness, and at least one blatant theft during this time on our very own campus. When individuals are moved to deface posters created by and paid for by others, when they act to steal others’ property, and when they demonstrate complete disregard for the value of others’ expressed opinions, we become a less civil community. It is especially important during such times that we pay attention to our communal principles: fairness, freedom, honesty, inclusion, respect, and responsibility. We commend the University community for the tolerance and respect that most displayed throughout a very contentious election cycle, but to those few individuals who could not manage to be respectful, open-minded and tolerant, we would like to remind you of the fact that our community is about nothing if not the free and open discussion of ideas, and we hope that your actions in the future demonstrate an appreciation of that fact.

Matthew Burns
Dean of Students
Roshal Patel
President, Students’ Association


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