Student Organization Annual Review

The Student Organization Annual Review (SOAR) should be filled out by all student groups at the University of Rochester and should be submitted to the Student’s Association Policy and Review Committee by Monday, February 1st.

The main goal of the Student Organization Annual Review is to make sure that each student group is in good standing and poised to achieve success on campus. To access the Midyear report, a member from the group’s administration should click the button below and log into the CCC to complete.

WCSA and Policy and Review will be offering three sessions at the end of January that will help you prepare for the semester.
The sessions are divided into two parts the first part will include information on utilizing the Ten Principles of a student organization, CCC updates, and other under utilized resources at your finger tips. The second part is geared towards the Student Organization Annual Review (SOAR) formally Mid Year Report (FSA groups may depart at this part). Information will be given on the SOAR’s content, Feedback you’ll get back and what to do with it after your done.

Submit your SOAR

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