Managing Your Student Organization



Caring for Your Student Organization

Updating your student organization, SOARs, assessment forms, and more!



Updating Your Constitution

Your group’s constitution should be updated periodically to reflect changes in operations and procedures. Visit this guide for guidance.

How To Update Your Constitution (DOC) >

How To Update Your Constitution (PDF) >


Student Organization Annual Review

The Student Organization Annual Review helps the SA Government to help your group. Tell us what you did this year and tell us what you need next year.

Check out the Student Organization Annual Review >


Assessment Form (PPAC)

Submit one of these after all of your events. We use these when we evaluate your group’s Student Organization Annual Review.

Assessment Form (PPAC) >


Advisor Feedback Form

We need your feedback to make sure our advisers are doing their best to serve you!

Feedback Form >


Policy and Review Committee

Check out the Policy and Review homepage to learn about important dates, who your policy advocate is, and when office hours are available so you can voice your group’s concerns.

Policy and Review Committee >


Policy & Review Committee PPMs

The Policies & Procedures Manual guides the operations of the Policy & Review Committee.

Read the PPMs >


Seven SA Principles of Student Organizations

The standards upon which the Policy & Review Committee evaluates new organization proposals. These are important.

Read the Principles >



The Campus Club Connection provides resources to student organization leaders and is a portal of information for prospective members.

Check out the CCC >

CCC Support Request >



Member Recruitment

Recruiting new members is imperative for all groups.


Activities Fair

The Fall and Spring Activities Fairs are a great way to get your organization’s name out there and recruit new members.

More Information can be found here >


Recruitment Tips

Here are some great recruitment tips from WCSA.

Recruitment Tips >


More Recruitment Tips

Here are some more great recruitment tips from the Policy & Review Committee.

Recruitment Tips(Coming Soon)>



Leadership and Member Retention

Capable leadership and consistent membership are the keys to success on campus.


Motivating Members

Having trouble motivating your organization’s members? Read up on WCSA’s “How to Motivate Students” here.

How to Motivate Students >


Planning and Running Successful Meetings

Need help planning and running your meetings? Check out WCSA’s helpful guide here.

Meeting Guide >


Leadership Tips

Visit The Rochester Center for Community Leadership for helpful leadership tips.

Leadership Tips >


Member Retention Guide

Check out Policy & Review’s guide to retaining membership

Member Retention Guide(Coming Soon)>



 Leadership Transitions

Transitioning your leadership is crucial to the continued success of a student organization.


WCSA Transition Guide

Learn about how to successfully transition your club between school years, with help from the WCSA.

WCSA Transitions Guide >




Policy & Review Transition Guide

Here are a few ideas from the Policy and Review Committee on transitioning your club leadership team between school years.

Policy and Review Transitions Guide (Coming Soon)>




RCCL Transition Guide

Visit The Rochester Center for Community Leadership for more helpful tips on transitioning your leadership team.

RCCL Transitions Guide >