Student Accountant Application – Spring 2014


Dear Fellow Yellowjacket,

Thank you very much for picking up this application! We are very pleased that you are interested in taking an active role in student government. We seek highly motivated, energetic and eager people to fill the position of SAAC Accountants. Please take the time to present yourself as best you can. If at any time during the application process you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call us.


  • Please complete the entire application. We will not consider partial applications.
  • Bring your application to Debbie Gaudet in Ruth Merrill Center 101E between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm M-F or email your application to
  • You will be emailed during the weekend to confirm your application’s receipt and your interview time.
  • We will announce our decisions by email following the interview meeting on Tuesday.
  • All students are welcomed and encouraged to submit an application, including those of any class year, of any departmental major, of any campus affiliation, and those studying abroad (currently or next semester).

Interview Process

  • Fifteen-minute interviews will be scheduled for the evening of January 28th. If you cannot make this time, please contact us to arrange an alternative.
  • Interviews are the best chance for you to expand upon and supplement your application.
  • We look forward to reviewing your application. Thank you again for taking interest in your student government!

DUE: January 26th, 2014

SAAC and Student Accountants

SAAC and Student Accountants

The Student Accountant is an integral member of the Students’ Association Appropriations Committee (SAAC), which is a subcommittee of Senate. SAAC has influence and control over the Students’ Association (SA) budget, which is currently over $1,000,000 annually, and is responsible for budgeting this money to over 70 different SA groups. Additionally, SAAC is responsible for accurately keeping track of the spending of each SA funded group throughout the year, helping groups with funding questions and hearing requests for supplemental funding and transportation funding.

SAAC is a great way to get involved on campus and with the Students’ Association. Being a SAAC accountant allows you to interact with all the wonderful student groups on campus, so you’ll definitely always know what’s going on!

Duties and Responsibilities of Student Accountants

Duties and Responsibilities of the Student Accountant

Student Accountants must be organized, diligent and motivated. Day-to-day duties include keeping accurate records of the spending of specific groups, holding office hours for 1 hour 4 times per week, and occasionally meeting with Business Managers to help with questions. Additionally, SAAC holds weekly meetings to hear supplemental funding requests from various SA groups and Student Accountants, as voting members of SAAC, must be present at all of these meetings. Most importantly, during the spring semester, Student Accountants assist in budgeting over $1,000,000 in funds to each SA funded group. Budgeting is a long and important process, and is necessary to keep student groups appropriately funded.

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