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Become an elected representative of the Student Body. Elections are held in the spring for upperclassmen and in the fall for Freshmen.

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Do you have a special skill that makes you a good fit to head one of our committees? Committee Chairs, Deputies, and Members are all an important part of our operation. They work to understand how best to help students and to executive SA Government endorsed ideas.

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Elected Positions

Freshman Senator


A Senator will be making decisions that enhance student life, as well as creating and carrying out their initiatives. They attend a weekly Senate meeting where they discuss and vote on Student Government issues.  In addition, they are required to sit on one of the Standing Committees. Senator are elections are annual. Skills include: being able to critically think, being highly motivated, having precise organization and time management, and being prepared to communicate well with administrators. The Senate is made up of 5 unique standing committees that address different concerns in student life. Senators are required to serve on at least one Legislative Committee.

Expected Weekly Time Commitment:

Standard 10+ Hours


Appointed Positions

Committee Members


Committee Members are specialists of their particular tasks within their committee. A member e is responsible for taking off a specific role within the committee, meeting with the appropriate faculty in meetings, and working independently throughout the week. Skills include: having dedication, being strong with time management, and using clear communication.

Expected Weekly Time Commitment: ~5 hours

Standard ~5 Hours