New Senate, Class Councils Elected for 2014-2015 Year

The following students have been elected to represent their peers in the Students’ Association and Class Councils for the 2014-2015 academic school year.

President & Vice President
Antoinette Esce
David Stark

Senate At-Large:
Vanessa Sanchez
Ulrik Soderstrom
Matthew McCormick
Joshua Anes
Alexandra Poindexter

2015 Senate:
Mehr Kashyap
Sheel Clerk

2016 Senate:
Lucas Metzler
Melissa Holloway
Ethan Bidna

2017 Senate:
Stephen Wegman
Adrian Petrou
Antonio Cardenas

2015 Class Council:
Mehr Kashyap
Katherine Wegman
Alap Patel
Rachel Suresky
Christina Smiros
Ryan Wier
Wallis Nash
Sheel Clerk

2016 Class Council:
Grant Dever
Ulrik Soderstrom
Solomon Gaim
Kelsey Tuttle
Christina Rutherford
Elisabeth Watson
Zachary Jenkins
Shakti Rambarran

2017 Class Council:
Stephen Wegman
Elizabeth Benson
Antonio Cardenas
Palak Patel
Samuel Lawyer
Samantha Lienert
Irene Blanco
Jason Altabet
Scott Fu


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