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  • Antoinette Esce

    President-Elect, Project and Services Co-Chair

    Class Year: 2015
    Major: Economics, Health Policy
    Hometown: Syracuse, NY
    Involvement on Campus: Class Council, GlobeMed, Meridian Society, Alpha Kappa Psi, Teaching Assistant

  • David Stark

    VP-Elect, Communications & PR Chair, 2016 Senator

    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Economics, Political Science
    Hometown: Potomac, MD
    Involved in on campus: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, University Calling Center

  • Jess Sheng

    Speaker of the Senate

    Class Year: 2016
    Major: Public Health, Digital Media Studies
    Hometown: Norwood, NJ
    Involved in on campus: Alpha Phi, Spoons University, Economics Teaching Assistant

  • Alyson Manning


    Class Year: 2014
    Major: Economics, Mathematics, Psychology (minor)
    Hometown: Wakefield, MA
    Involved on campus: Louvre Performance Ensemble, Ballet Performance Group, Orientation

  • Lakshmi Miller-Vedam

    Deputy Treasurer

    Class Year: 2014
    Major: Biology
    Hometown: San Francisco, CA
    Involved in on campus: Transportation Advisory Committee, Biology Research (Ghaemmaghami Lab), UR Rock Climbing, UR Habitat for Humanity, Community Service Network

  • Cameron Cummings

    Deputy Projects & Services Chair

    Class Year: 2015

    Major: Microbiology, Spanish

    Hometown: Albany, NY

    Involved in on campus: Co-President – GlobeMed at University of Rochester, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Biology Teaching Assistant, Rising Leader Peer Mentor


  • Eudora Erickson

    Speaker of the Senate-Elect, Communications & PR Deputy Chair

    Class Year: 2016
    Majors: Economics and Business
    Minors: Studio Arts and Psychology
    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Involved in Campus: Renaissance and Global Scholars, Residential Life (RA), Meridian Society, Panhellenic Association, Student Alumni Ambassador (SAA)

  • Lindsay Wrobel

    Deputy Speaker of the Senate-Elect

    Class Year: 2017
    Major: Political Science, Spanish (Minor)
    Hometown: Batavia, NY
    Involved in Campus: College Democrats, Susan B. Anthony Hall Council, Blue Crew, Debate

  • Bridget Burghardt

    Elections Chair

    Class Year: 2014
    Major: Economics
    Hometown: Elma, NY
    Involved on Campus: Alpha Phi, Order of Omega, Global Water Brigades