$5k CHALLENGE: Winner Announced!

They’re here!

What do students think of the Sleeping Pods?

As a result of the winning suggestion for the 5k Challenge, SA has brought Sleeping Pod chairs to the quiet room in Gleason. What do students have to say about them?


Drew Brownlee and Dan Levien

“They’re nice and very comfortable! I like using them to study. I think they look cool, kinda space age. It’s like you’re sitting in the future.”


Hiroshi James Inuzuka

“I think the sleeping pods go well with the theme of Gleason, they’re very modern and comfortable. I love using the, for skype because it makes it feel like I’m in my own little pace even though I’m in the library.”


Bethany Gardner

“I love them! They are so relaxing. I enjoy reading in them because I feel like I’m in a bubble.”

Announcing the $5K Challenge Winner!!


10430441_10152939641109828_9121480828679983617_nThe Students’ Association Government is proud to announce that the Sleeping Spaces in Rush Rhees Library has won this year’s 5K CHALLENGE! Approximately 30% of the student body voted with the Sleeping Spaces narrowly winning with a total of 790 votes! The 5K CHALLENGE Team will work with Dean Mavrinac to implement this project during the spring semester. We would like to thank everyone who submitted an idea and everyone who voted. We especially want to congratulate the students who submitted the winning idea: Alap Patel, Kyle Stolove, Sandi Westover, Manuel Navarro, Steven Smith, Laura Keenahan, Sean Kelly, and Sheel Clerk. Meliora!”


View the proposals for this year's $5K Challenge

1-5: Pasta Bar, Sleeping Spaces in Rush Rhees, Improved Lost & Found, Free Sanitation Wipes, Swingset


1. Pasta Bar – Alap Patel

Want more Make-Your-Own Options? This Proposed Project would create a twice-weekly, pasta bar with various options to make your own dish! Students would pick their own pasta type, sauce, veggies, toppings, etc.

2. Sleeping Spaces in Rush Rhees – Alap Patel, Kyle Stolove, Sandi Westover, Manuel Navarro, Steven Smith, Laura Keenahan, Sean Kelly, Sheel Clerk

Students need napping spaces when they study! In collaboration with the Library, this project would bring 8 sleeping pods (Ball Chairs?) to the Quiet Section of Gleason Library. Students would be able to work, sleep, relax, even pull all-nighters in these chairs. The pods/chairs will be especially useful to students who want to (and often do) sleep overnight in the library. These chairs would make it far more comfortable to do so and would be a great place for a quick power nap between study sessions.

3. Improved Lost & Found – Austin Hong

Interested in a better, more intuitive lost and found system? This proposed 5K CHALLENGE Project would consolidate various lost and founds across the River Campus into one single location. Additionally, the project would create an online database of the lost items with a description of the item and where it was found. Students would be able to check for their lost items rather than trek to the various, existing lost and found locations when they lose a cherished item.

4. Free Sanitation Wipes – Shiv Patel

Worried about the shared germs on the keyboards in Rush Rhees Library? This project would bring students sanitizing wipes to wipe down your keyboard and mouse prior to using the computers in the Library. Don’t get sick, vote for this proposal!

5. Swingset – Aryel Clarke, Ross Dodson and Katherine Varga

Exams and homework got you down? One of your peers suggested we install swings to help you beat the blues! This proposed project would install at least one set of swings on a location TBD on the River Campus. Vote for this proposal and add this classic playground fixture to the University of Rochester Campus.


6-10: Umbrella & Winter Outerwear Rentals, Cable Cross Machine, Rock Climbing Wall, Pitching Machine, Gaga Ball Pit


6. Umbrella & Winter Outerwear Rentals – Alap Patel

In order to address the unexpected and often severe weather changes in Rochester, this project would create a rental system for gloves, umbrellas, hats, and scarves. These items could be rented for the day and returned later. This service would require a deposit to prevent and cover theft or loss.

7. Cables in Georgen –  Kevin Yi

This proposal would add a free-standing dual cable cross machine to the Weight Room in the Georgen Athletic Center. This would add to the variety of exercise that students can do to stay in shape.

8. Rock Climbing Wall –  Talia Jaffe and Thomas Pinella

Given the interest in rock climbing on our campus, this project would install a small climbing wall in an area of the Georgen Athletic Center. This would be available to all, beginners and experienced climbers to enjoy.

9. Pitching Machine – Rishi Sharma

We have the cages, why not the machine? This project would purchase a pitching machine for everyone to use in Georgen Athletic Center. You would be able to use it by giving your ID to the rental desk just like any other piece of equipment.

10. GAGA Ball Pit –  Thomas Pinella

This project would bring this popular summer camp game to the Georgen Athletic Center. The project would buy the supplies to build a pit to play in and the needed supplies to play.


11-12: New Weight Plates, Tablet Rentals


11. New Weight Plates – Jacob Shawler

Frustrated with the current plates in the Weight Room, this project would replace them with new “bumper” plates.

12. Tablet Rentals – Eric Quesada

This project would bring tablets/iPads to campus! The project would buy a set number of tablets with assorted accessories for students and student activity groups to rent. Student groups could use the tablets to fundraise, register students for events, or sign petitions. Students could rent them for projects and TAs could use them to help their students learn.



How does it work?


1. Submit Your Proposal


Tell us about an improvement you’d like to see on campus, and make sure it fits within the submission guidelines. October 6th – November 2nd.


2. Vote For Your Favorite


All proposals that meet the criteria for a feasible project will be voted on by the student body. December 8th – December 10th.


3. We Make It Happen


We will implement the winning project during the Spring Semester.

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