The challenge is simple: What would you do with $5000 to improve the lives of Rochester students?

Proposal Submissions are now closed! Voting will begin on December 10th!

1. Submit Your Proposal

Tell us about an improvement you’d like to see on campus, and make sure it fits within the submission guidelines. November 9th – November 25th.

2. Vote For Your Favorite

All proposals that meet the criteria for a feasible project will be voted on by the student body. December 10th – December 13th.

3. We Make It Happen

We will implement the winning project during the Spring Semester.

Check out previous year’s implemented projects by clicking here

Information about Proposals:

Crafting your proposal

We want to hear your ideas; how we can better the campus community one project at a time.

When submitting your proposal, please remember to keep feasibility into account. Remember, this is a 5K challenge. Here are some ways that the $5000 can be used:

  • One-and-Done
  • Think of something that costs up to $5000 and we’ll buy it. Ex: hanging a $5000 disco ball in Wilson Commons.
  • Start Something New
  • Use $5000 to start an annual service. Ex: an annual disco party in Wilson Commons. Disclaimer: We’ll reevaluate the service each and every year, so make sure the idea is sustainable!

Editing your proposal

These are some things to keep in mind while writing your submission. Submissions that fail to address the following criteria will be disqualified from the competition.

  • Does it benefit the whole campus community?
  • Does it improve the student experience?
  • Does it fit a need on campus?
  • Is it feasible within the given budget?
  • Is it inclusive? (Can a lot of students use it?)

Voting for the winner

Voting will take place from Dec 10th to Dec 13th, and the winning proposal will be announced on December 14th. If you submit the winning proposal, you will be recognized at the State of the SA event as a recipient of the SA Campus Initiative of the Year Award.