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Welcome to the UR CDrew Pre-Health Society website!

So we felt bad that our CDrew members with Facebook got the exclusives about all our fun CDrew events planned for fall 2013 and we realize that you probably receive a lot of spam from other clubs, so check out this awesome non-Facebook-user-friendly website! You’ll get just as exciting posts and updates about all the great events and activities we have planned for you–just not on Facebook or in a loaded email!

See how dearly CDrew treasures each and every one of our members? If you have a request/suggestion, post it here, on the Facebook CDrew page, or email any/all of the CDrew E-Board members. We listen to YOU and we give YOU what YOU want. ┬áSo stay tuned, our lovely non-Facebook-user CDrew fans and our extreme CDrew enthusiasts who check every CDrew website there is, because you won’t want to miss out on all the research and health-related volunteer opportunities we have in store for you!

Love, your CDrew E-Board