Research Opportunities

Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies

  • Internship Opportunities
    • Look at various texts and interpret them
    • Assist in website management
    • Write essays regarding the texts in their respective time period
    • Prepare exhibits

American Sign Language Program


  • Rochester Center for Ethnographic Studies
    • Students can perform ethnographic research through the Rochester Center for Ethnographic Studies
  • Cultural Diversity and Globalization
    • Learn about diversity of human values and achievements
    • Hands-on research in the subject
    • Experience in interviewing techniques, data analysis and team research

Art and Art History

  • Internship Opportunities
    • Getting in touch with the art world through interning at museums and other art institutions.
    • Art New York Program allows students to work out of Rochester at a museum in New York City
    • European Arts Internship Program offers programs in cities like London, Cologne and Madrid.


  • Independent Research Course
    • Hands on, benchwork-type research conducted in Medical School
    • Counts for four credit-hours
  • DeKiewiet Summer Research Fellowships
    • Allows students to work in program faculty's laboratories over the summer
  • Undergraduate Research Conferences
    • Undergraduate Research Expo allows students to display the research they've done
    • National Conference on Undergraduate Research - students can present their research either in a poster format or orally

Biomedical Engineering

  • Researcher Index to find professors willing to work with students

Brain and Cognitive Sciences

  • Opportunities for undergraduate students to have full-time or part-time jobs in the department, which will put them in close contact with faculty and research in the department

Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

  • Undergraduates work closely with faculty during the year to do research
  • Students participating in research sign up for an independent study or a research seminar for which they receive credit


  • National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU)
  • Faculty will often work with undergraduate students in their research groups
  • Summer program of scientific research, covering a broad range of chemistry-related topics

Religion and Classics

  • The department encourages community service and social service to experience the traditions being studied
  • Students can create customizable internships in religion
  • Department cooperates with study abroad programs in Peru and Arezzo, Italy

Department of Computer Science

  • A large amount of projects and research have been undertaking by students through independent study

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Students can undertake independent studies and perform research alongside their professors


  • Students can do internships with the assent of a professorial adviser and can receive pass/fail credit for them
  • Students can also partake in independent studies


  • Students can do independent studies
  • Students can also partake in internships, meeting others in a career in English and refine their field of interest
  • Students have often times interned with the English department faculty to broaden their horizons


  • The HOUR Program allows students to collaborate with faculty on their own work
  • Students can partake in independent studies


  • Students can partake in independent studies

Women's Studies

  • Undergraduate Research Grants from Susan B. Anthony Institute
  • Grants are awarded to undergraduate students, preferably majoring in Women's Studies, interested in doing independent research.
  • Proposals and applications are due in October, February, and April of each year
  • Research Grant Application

Modern Languages and Cultures



Political Science

  • Submit proposal to department, in any concentration of political science
  • Should have faculty mentor who is knowledgeable of field of research
  • Independent study for credit (PSC 391)
  • Also opportunities for students to be hired as undergraduate research assistants by professors. Students should have already taken 200 level courses
  • McNair Program
  • Honors Program

Physics & Astronomy

  • REU
  • McNair Program