Minutes 12.02.2019

Hi Everyone!
Our next mentoring event will be on Tuesday, December 3rd from 8:30-9:40 am in Goergen Atrium! Starbucks coffee and Wegmans muffins will be served!  We will be focusing on the BME 101 poster session which will be this Friday. First years will be able to get valuable advice on the poster presentation from the upperclassmen who have been through it before.

Sophomore mentees, you can be mentors on this topic too! You can also come with questions about classes, summer research etc.

You do not need to stay for the whole event, and you can stop by on your way to class! This is a great way to get your end of semester questions answered or help out younger students who are having college finals and big projects for the first time. Hope to see you all there!

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