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  • Gleason Works in Rochester, NY has donated gear cutting, grinding, and gear box design. www.gleason.com
  • DP Tool in Avon, NY has donated billet aluminum material in the past and is willing to run CNC parts for the team. The management/owner of DP Tool is interested in motorsports, and they do performance parts manufacturing for the auto industry. This company should be a very good supporter of the team each year. www.dptool.com.
  • DK Manufacturing Group in Fulton, NY has donated CNC machining service. They CNC machined the 2011 planetary gear and chain reduction box.www.d-kmfg.com
  • Polaris sponsors the competition events and also provides student design teams parts that they use on their products at-cost. www.polaris.com
  • Briggs & Stratton Engine sponsors the competition events and provides a free engine to teams every other year (teams must pay for shipping). They also often award generators, power washers, and spare engines to teams at competition. The generators usually use the same engine that they provide teams for their cars, and it is a good idea to choose a generator if you get a chance -- you can put an old engine in the generator and get a fresh engine for your car. www.briggsandstratton.com
  • Wilwood Brake company provides a parts discount to SAE student design teams. www.wilwood.com
  • CVTech IBC in Canada provides a sponsorship on a CVT designed for the Baja SAE competition. UR cars have been designed to use the CVTech CVT from the 2000s through current years (through 2014 as of this writing). www.cvtech-ibc.com
  • K&H Precision Products, Inc. in Honeoye Falls, NY has donated CNC machining service and design for manufacturing advice. They CNC machined the 2012 gear reduction box. www.kandhprecision.com
  • Mahany Welding Supply in Rochester, NY has been a great sponsor since 2008 and perhaps before. They have provided welding instruction for free, have discounted repairs to the club's welding equipment. They may have some metalworking machinery including CNC plasma cutters, but the club has not asked for donated metalworking in the past. www.mahanyweld.com
  • Admar in Rochester, NY has donated the use of a generator and even generator/welder units for many competitions through the 2000's and early 2010's. In recent years the UR teams have gotten welders and generator rental donated by Mahany instead, but Admar is always very receptive to requests, even last minute. www.admarsupply.com
  • Faro Industries in Rochester, NY donated mold work and thermoforming for a plastic hood on the 2011 car. www.faroindustries.com
  • Rich's Karts and Parts in Honeoye Lake, NY is run by a Briggs & Stratton certified engine inspector and he is a part of the Genesee Valley Karting Club. He does small engine repair and also has a small engine dyno. He has donated time and use of his equipment several times in the past since 2006. He has reworked our old engines (be careful because he always wants to hot-rod them, which you might not want to do due to tech inspection concerns) and he has run dyno data too. Rich's Karts and Parts on Facebook
  • General Motors in Honeoye Falls, NY was a leading monetary sponsor in the 2000's in part through contact Andrw Bosco who is a UR alumnus. GM researched hydrogen electric fuel cell vehicles in Honeoye Falls from 1997 through 2012, and in 2013 GM closed the Honeoye Falls facility to move the operation to Pontiac, MI where GM's Powertrain Headquarters is located. Patrick Lewis arranged for GM to donate many tools and tool cabinets to the UR Baja team.
  • Troyer Machine in Gates, NY has a shock dyno and they said they'd charge $15 per test when we asked them sometime around 2010. Also, they build small race cars and you can ask them to get a tour for the club to see their manufacturing operation. www.troyermachine.com