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This article is now Deprecated

Please refer to Custom File Locations.

Installing the template

  1. Be sure you know where SolidWorks PDM is saving files.
  2. In PDM, open "Baja General Files." Then open "Templates." Select both "MOD-BAJA-DRWDOT.drwdot" and "title block.drwprp" before right-clicking and selecting "Open > Check-out Document..." Uncheck "Open now" and select "Open > Check out."
  3. Select Tools > Options. In the "System Options" tab, select "File Locations" from the left-hand pane. Show folders for "Document Templates." Click "Add" and select the folder from Step 1.
  4. Repeat step 3 for "Custom Property Files" and "Sheet Formats." You may need to remove the previous folder before adding the PDM Folder.

It may prove necessary to also do the following step

  1. Under Tools > Options, go to Default Templates under System Options
  2. Select "Prompt user to select document template." Press OK.

Editing the template

Only a member of the Design or Executive Boards should edit the template.

After editing a template already in use, email the team and tell them to check out the new version from PDM.